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II John


II John The Elect Lady


There is a question about this letter as to whether it was addressed to an individual named Cyria (possible translation of Greek word lady) or to a church. The majority of commentators that I checked are inclined to the former, but I prefer the latter for several reasons which I will henceforth put forward.

First, it sounds like John is addressing a sister church which could be thought of as a lady, elect and having children (its members). It would be more probable that "all they that have known the truth" would love this church rather than an individual.

Her children "walking in truth" sounds more like reference to a church family that he had heard about rather than individuals and in verse five reference to loving one another seems more appropriately applied to members of a congregation.

In verse eight one may note that the word yourselves is in the plural as if written to a number of people rather than a certain individual.

The warning about receiving false teachers is more fittingly addressed to a house church. The common idea that arises from this verse that it would be a sin to be hospitable to a "Jehovah's Witness," shutting the door to them as if it would be sinful to admit one to the home even to sit down and attempt a witness, seems a stretch to me. It has been awhile since any visitor at our house has been bidden "God speed". I certainly would not wish a cult member God's blessing nor would you.

John's desire to come to this church to meet "face to face" with them that our (or your) joy may be full again seems to fit a local assembly, and,

Finally, rather than speaking (v.13) of this person's nieces and nephews he is probably referring to the members of his own assembly. This may be all wrong but by the time we find out it won't really matter, will it?