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III John


III John "Cold Water to a Thirsty Soul"

Like a refreshing drink of cold water, John had gotten good news via some of the

Christian brothers that had visited him that his beloved son in the faith was "walking the walk." This verse in Proverbs (25:25) is the only place where the words good news actually appear. How happy it made John to know that this brother Gaius whom he truly loved was going on with the Lord. Evidently these messengers reported that they had been well received (v.5) and helped forward on their journey. Certainly, this kind of service will be rewarded in glory.

I think of how my pastor gave a week's salary along with two other men in my home church to send me, along with a friend, to Hamilton, Ontario by train to be ordained and though it was a one way ticket, friends there helped us get home. I don't even know their names but God does!

Praise the Lord for good men (and women) who faithfully serve the Lord behind the scenes!

Bill Corey from Lubec gave an old car to Art Stoner who had it repaired and painted to become the first transportation to a couple of boys just starting out in the ministry and space would fail (and if not, memory would) to tell of all of the many helpers along the way. Thank you, Lord, for every one of them!

Then there are all of those dear saints who have opened their homes to us at many a Bible conference. I think of the lady who heard we were traveling to Columbus, Ohio and wrote saying that she lived halfway and invited us to make her home a stopover both coming and going. "Thou doest faithfully whatsoever thou doest to the brethren and strangers." Bless you dear sister.