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Jude Contending

A balance must be maintained when it comes to contending for the faith and it is that subject we will consider today. It is certainly an important one and all too often neglected in a time when in so many evangelical circles, anything goes, as they say. Are we being watchful, are we being wary? The enemy is certainly busy sowing tares in the harvest field. Matthew 13: 25 tells us that "while men slept" the enemy came and sowed these false believers. Now just how does he accomplish this today? The sad truth is that many of the saints who should be on guard against the "wiles" of the wicked one have been lulled into a state of slumber. The music of soft Christian rock coming from the "cross over" artists has brought on a condition of apathy in many churches that ought to know better. So much time is given over to entertaining the troops that there is none left for training them. Who can sit still for an hour now-a-days while being taught valuable exposition of the Scriptures? Where are the pastors that spend all week studying to prepare such expository messages? Oh, friend, if you have such a pastor and you hear such messages take time now to praise the Lord for His goodness and pray that he will not fall into the snare of the enemy who will leave him alone if he will just lay off a bit from the teaching of the Word.

We must not fail to present the other side of this problem and it is one that is just as sad as the first, that of being contentious while contending. There are, sad to say, those who are tearing the church apart contending over peripheral matters teaching fables to the saints. What a fable is that concept that God has inspired the King James Version to the extent that it should be used to correct the Greek! My heart is grieved over brethren that have separated over such foolishness. Pray for a spirit of discernment and unity where God may be truly glorified.