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Titus 1:5 "...things that are wanting,"

Isn't it a great fact that before the world was created our God had made a promise that He could never go back on, that is, His elect would have eternal life!

Titus must have had his work cut out for him to be able to find the leadership needed for the Cretian churches. I know missionaries that have been on certain fields for years and still can't find men suitable for elders and deacons. Apparently the pool from which they must be drawn was quite tainted for even the Jewish element contained many unruly and vain deceivers. The analysis of Cretian character in verse twelve is pretty disparaging. I suppose even some of these might be acceptable in some churches as long as they had money. Much better for fundamental churches to go without the valued help to a pastor that good men can be, rather than water down the guidelines set up here by the Apostle. How often churches make the mistake of putting into leadership those who have business ability or financial skills but are short on spiritual qualifications. It is one good way to kill a church!

The point here is that if this kind of leadership was expected to be found for "every city" in Crete at this early stage of development in the Christian church to correct skeletal deformity (Webster) as the Greek word suggests (set in order-orthopedics) we had better try harder to train leadership for our churches in this country.

True, "good men" are sometimes hard to find, but I have met a lot of them and thank God for the friends I have made among them. Many of them are already in heaven and I long to see them. Other young brothers follow after and they are special gifts to the Church. May their tribe increase!


Titus 2:3 Teachers of Good Things


We shall now save face among the ladies for it is their turn to shine.

Gals, if you are not yet classified in the category of "aged women" (V.3) cheer up, you are getting there all too soon, right? More wrinkles and flab appear every time you look in the mirror. But cheer up, you have a great role to play in the economy of the local church and as you grow older you should grow more skilled at the job. Teaching young women in today's society will certainly require all you can muster.

Please don't throw up your hands in despair as though it is an impossible task that has been given to you. Remember, this was written to be observed by ladies in Crete. First of all, pity poor Titus as it was his job to find them and inform them of their responsibilities . We are told that he was to "exhort and rebuke with all authority" and we must not "despise" him or his assignment.

Now, what are you to teach, if you fit into the category? Teaching young women to be sober will certainly require a great deal of wisdom and effort these days. This word in the Greek, which Dean Alford says is most difficult to render into English, involves discipline and correction relating to being self-controlled, i.e. discreet or temperate. "Keepers at home," now that's an interesting concept. I think it actually means to be guardians of the home (which, of course, necessitates their being in it).

This week we will do chapter one on "How to love your husband"- now this is the way I love mine -etc.--get the picture? And, children ... are we going to have fun with that!

Be serious about this ...I am sure Paul was, aren't you?

Titus 3:7 "Yea, Justified, O Blessed Thought"

I have read that the word "deceived" (v.3) suggest travelers on the wrong road, hoping to be right but not working very hard at it. Paul was himself on that wrong road at one time and he says so here, in fact he is quite explicit in his description. To be foolish speaks of the darkness of the mind especially regarding the things of God. Sadly we observe so many who are in this state as they plunge blindly down life's highway never dreaming of what danger they face at the end of this road they are taking.

To be disobedient implies being self-willed and stubbornly committed to error. Again we can see Saul of Tarsus on the Damascus road "breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord" (Acts 9:1).

I would guess that most of us can find ourselves in this third verse if we look hard enough, but praise God we didn't stay in that state. The next verses, hopefully, tell the story of our salvation. "Such were some of you" Paul says to the Corinthians in his first epistle to them in 6:11 "but ye are washed...etc." Yes, thank the Lord we have been saved by the "washing of regeneration". Do you remember the time when you met the Lord in a bona fide salvation experience? And now, you and I are being continually renewed by the Holy Spirit. You will enjoy seeing this truth as you look up the following verses. Ephesians 4:23; Colossians 3:10;

2 Corinthians 3:18; 4:16; Ephesians 1:17 and Romans 12:2. In the Greek, this renewing work is seen as a continuing process whereas the "washing" was a one time event.